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Green Workplace Initiativesm

Environmental Impact Program

Salem fully recognizes the critical importance of a healthy environment to our society, our business partners, our organization, and our people. Led by our ongoing commitment to conscientious corporate citizenship, we know we have a responsibility to manage our resources in a way that promotes a healthy, sustainable environment.

We consider environmental issues in all aspects of our business, including how we evaluate potential business partners, how we collaborate with and support our clients and employees, how we conduct our own internal operations, and how we identify and develop new market opportunities.

Our Green Workplace Initiative has been implemented to ensure that the organization's commitment to the responsible utilization of the planet's valuable resources is fully realized. We encourage everyone to enact and impact this initiative both in the office and in their personal lives, as well.

The Green Workplace Initiative encompasses the following objectives:

  • Saving Energy. We encourage our employees to work in environmentally-friendly ways by powering down computers, using energy-efficient bulbs in office and desk lamps, lowering blinds in the summer, etc.
  • Minimizing Paper Consumption. Salem was first-to-market with true, end-to-end paperless service capabilities. We encourage our employees to minimize paper consumption by making double-sided copies when hard copies are necessary, saving and backing up digital images instead of paper, replacing hard-copy brochures with electronic, and sharing information via email instead of paper copies.
  • Disposing of Materials Responsibly. We donate used office furniture and supplies to charities, rather than disposing of it. And, we enforce a company-wide policy regarding the responsible disposal of technology, toner, etc.
  • Recycling. Salem makes a concerted effort to use refurbished materials whenever possible, including toner cartridges, copiers, printers, fax machines, furniture, etc.
  • Travel Alternatives. Salem encourages its employees to use alternative forms of transportation. We positively recognize those who walk, bike, utilize public transportation, or carpool. Additionally, we strongly encourage our employees to use virtual meetings whenever possible.
  • Train. Educate. Encourage. Because we ask a great deal of our employees as far as environmental action is concerned, we feel that it is important to educate them as to why. We consistently seek to enhance our employees' understanding of key, environmental issues affecting our society through education and training. Additionally, we encourage our employees to come up with creative, out-of-the-box ways to further impact Salem's environmental efforts.